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Southern Yankee BBQ is a custom high end manufacturer of barbecue smokers, pits, and rotisserie grill cookers that will help you deliver a real southern barbecue flavor. Southern Yankee BBQ sets the standard for the highest quality competition barbecue pit smokers. Our wood and charcoal burning rotisserie barbecue pits have made us one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in the highly competitive BBQ industry.

Cooking on a Southern Yankee BBQ smoker keeps the meat extra tasty and juicy because the juices from the meat on upper shelves drip onto meat on the lower trays as the shelves rotate.

Many of our customers tell us they like to cook more than one meat at a time. To do this, they place pork on the left and chicken on the right (for example). The pork then drips on pork, and the chicken juices drip on chicken - no cross contamination.

We’re Back & We’re Better!

six-foot smoker on trailer

Southern Yankee BBQ has experienced some exciting changes. We’ve reworked and improved some processes for stronger, more precise smokers.

Whether you are a vendor, caterer, competitor, or just a barbecue enthusiast, Southern Yankee BBQ has a barbecue pit smoker for you.

Just call 765.621.3822, email sales@sybbq.com, or fill out our online quote request, and we will be happy to get you on your way to owning your custom smoker.