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2' Competition Smoker:

2' smoker


4' Smoker on Casters:

4' Smoker on Casters


4' Smoker on Trailer:

4' Smoker on Trailer


6' Smoker on Trailer:

6' Smoker on Trailer

Large diameter smokers have an inside diameter of 45 inches. The shelves rotate allowing meat to be smoked slowly with either hardwood or charcoal. As a result, the meat cooks evenly without the need to flip or rotate meat by hand. Water can be used for moist heat, if desired.

Choose the width, mount, and options that meet your needs. Because each smoker is made to order, the pricing depends on the features and options you choose for your smoker.


Widths Available:

Mounts available:

Standard Features:

Options include:

Trailer options include:


Please call or email us with with questions or for more information. 765.621.3822 or sales@sybbq.com